About Us

Our Story

Living active and busy lifestyles, we really struggled with finding ways to refuel in a clean way.  Proteins help you rebuild your muscles and come back stronger, but at what cost?  We could not find a protein shake or bar we actually enjoyed, nor did we feel good about what we were putting into our body. We decided to create a new way to refuel, creating superfood smoothies built with real fruits, real vegetables, and complete protein options.  Now you can live the fast pace lifestyle you love, with protein and superfoods built to help you reach new heights.





Why We Got Started 

Our founder Jessica has been a health and fitness enthusiast for years.  She knew that protein, the right amount of carbs, and other nutrients were essential to looking good and feeling good.  She started out buying processed protein shakes and mixing them with water.  She quickly realized they did not taste good, made her super bloated, and was not a long term solution for her overall fitness.  She started making her own protein shakes with fresh fruits and vegetables, and could not believe how much better she felt and looked.  The only downside was all the time she spent at the grocery store, chopping fruits and vegetables, and finding recipes.  Our goal is to make it easy  for our followers to eat  clean, healthy, all natural protein shakes on a regular basis.  We know you are going to love them just as much as we do.  Enjoy!